Sifu Mark JolleyAdult Student’s Corner

by Sifu Mark Jolley

How much do you know about the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy? In this article, I thought we could visit some trivia to get new students better acquainted with the school and as a review for longer term students. Some of the answers (in Food For Thought) might seem easy, others hopefully will make you think.

  1. What form was developed for a movie, and then was put into the school curriculum?
    1. In the movie above, what 3 WKFA members were in the movie?
  2. What form used to be in the adult program, but was moved only to the Junior/Youth program. (Hint it was moved to make room for the form in question 1.)
  3. When bowing, what do the hands formation symbolize? (When you signed up, Sigung gave you a handout with this information in it.)
  4. What are the five animals we study at WKFA? What does each one represent?
  5. How far apart width wise should your feet be in a forward stance?
  6. If Sifu means teacher, what does Sigung and Sibok translate to?
  7. How many breathes are in the breathing form?
  8. How many steps are there in the Single Step Form?
  9. What part of the foot do you strike with for a sidekick? Is the foot pointed or flexed?
  10. What is the height of the punches in four count punching?
  11. In a side kick, how many parts are in the kick?
  12. In self defense, what is a continuum of response?
  13. What is the name of the statue by the heavy bags?
  14. What does the statue represent?
  15. What are the heads at the back of the Kwoon called? What are they for?
  16. What does Kung-Fu mean?
  17. What does Shaolin mean?
  18. Bonus question: What is the favourite weapon of: Sigung? Sibok Lloyd? Sibok Eric?

If you are stuck on any questions, don’t be afraid to ask any instructor, leadership team member, or other students. Good luck!